Seminole Pro Tour Billiards Live Stream

rodney morris seminole 10 Seminole Pro Tour Billiards Live Stream

The Seminole Pro Tour is live streaming their tour stop from Capone’s Billiards in Spring Hill, FL. The event features 80 top players in a $25,000 added event. The event can be viewed on High Definition PPV at the Seminole Pro Tour web site. The event also features a new format where the players play a modified round robin to “make the cut” into the final 20 players.

We had some changes for the players list for the upcoming Capones Tour Stop. This is the final list that will be playing for the $25,000 added prize money. Don’t forget to catch all of the action live on the Seminole Pro Tour website on pay per view. Only $9.95 for Firday and Saturday and $14.95 for Sunday’s money rounds.

Bill Dunsmore Angel Paglia
Raymond Linares Danny Barns
Adam Smith Rob Hart
Bill DeLisle Keith Bennet
Louis Altes Edward Sharpe
Mike Davis Billy Black
Brian Brekke Johnny White
Randy Whitehead Yohan Sanchez
Earl Strickland Travis Croft
Walter Blacker Christian Sepulveda
Butch Croft Rocky McElroy
Ike Reynolds Rodney Morris
George Vlacich Mike Dechaine
Paul Song Corey Deuel
Brian Jones Wayne Catledge
Dustin Morris Jose Del Rio
Bob Weinar Anthony Meglino
Chris Vollmar John Foster
Amy Chen Kelly Lake
Felix Luna Demetrius Jelatis
Jerry Calderon Jesse Engel
Justin Hall Tony Crosby
David Ross Jason Richko
Dennis Hatch Bryan Davalos
Mitch Ellerman Robb Saez
Marcelino Montoya James Roberts
Jeremy Sossei Han Berber
Stevie Moore Ronny Park
Mike DeLawder Hunter Lombardo
George McLanahan Alex Pagulyan
Larry Nevel Donny Mills
John Morra Shaun Wilkie
Tommy Kennedy Johnny Archer
Jimmy Hines Shawn Putnan
Raul Alvarez Charlie Williams
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