Krah Cashes on Inaugural Tour
Action Pool Tour / Parkville, MD

by InsidePOOL Staff

The Action Pool Tour (APT) held its inaugural event at Top Hat Cue Club in Parkville, MD, June 11-12 and attracted an exceptional field of 58 participants. Matt Krah went undefeated through the field to take the title, fending off a charge from Shaun “Get Some” Wilkie in the finals.

Day 1 provided some great match-ups and a few surprises. Kevin West suffered an 8-7 first-round loss to Lay Thammavong, while Wilkie came dangerously close to a second-round loss to Greg Sabins. By the end of the first day, four players—Brett Stottlemyer, Wilkie, Rick Moliniero, and Krah—remained in the winners’ bracket and eight players—Alvin Thomas, Ozzy Reynolds, Mark Ford, Sean Morgan, Kevin West, Rob Metz, Alan Duty, and Michael Wong—remained on the one-loss side.

apt 6 12 Krah Cashes at Inaugural Action Pool Tour Event

Pictured left to right: Ozzy Reynolds, Matt Krah, Shaun Wilkie, Rick Moliniero

The second day of the event began with Wilkie handing Stottlemyer his first loss 8-3, while Krah dominated Moliniero 8-2. This set up the hot seat match between Wilkie and Krah. The match was close throughout, but with the score tied 7-7, Krah came through in the end to win the final game and secure his spot in the finals.

On the west side, Moliniero displayed some terrific shooting and stunned Stottlemyer 8-3 to advance to the semifinals against Wilkie, which Wilkie won convincingly 8-2. In the finals, a rematch of the hot seat match, Wilkie had to best Krah twice to take the win in the true double-elimination format. But Krah would have no part of it. He seemed to work the cue ball around the table effortlessly and took the final match by a score of 8-2.

1st Matt Krah $1,000
2nd Shaun Wilkie $600
3rd Rick Moliniero $350
4th Brett Stottlemyer $250
5th Alan Duty $150
Alvin Thomas
7th Kevin West $100
Mark Ford
9th Michael Wong $60
Ozzy Reynolds
Sean Morgan
Rob Metz

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