Inaugural George “Ginky” Sansouci Memorial Tournament
Press Release by Tony Robles, Predator Tour

I am very proud to announce a special collaboration of three tours to honor the late George “Ginky” Sansouci!

A special thanks goes out to Rob Staskowski of for creating the Ginky Memorial logo as well as a special tournament chart that will be used for this amazing event!

The Amsterdam Billiard Club in NYC will be hosting the 1st Annual George “Ginky” Sansouci Memorial Tournament on Saturday & Sunday, June 25-26, 2011. The Predator Pro Am Tour, Mezz Tour & Tri-State Tour will be joining forces to honor New York City’s greatest champion!

Ginky logo Inaugural George Ginky Sansouci Memorial Tournament

George "Ginky" Sansouci was not only a great friend and godfather to my son.

Many thanks to Gail Glazebrook, William Finnegan and the Predator Tour along with John Leyman, Todd Fleitman, Bill Focaccia, Mark & Patti Ursel of the Tri-State Tour as well as Jose Burgos, Caroline Pao and Mika Immonen of the Mezz Tour for helping to put this soon to be a classic memorial tournament together!

“George Ginky Sansouci was not only a great friend and godfather to my son. He was an inspiration to players of all levels and taught us that there is no limit to what we can achieve on the green felt as long as we are willing to go that extra mile. I am truly honored to do this for George and his family as he always was and always will be a legend and an inspiration to all of us.”

Tony Robles – Predator Tour

“Amsterdam Billiards is proud to join the Predator, Tri-State, and the Mezz tours in announcing the 1st Annual George “Ginky” Sansouci Memorial Tournament. With at least $5,000 Added (and probably more – stay tuned), this tournament may be the biggest tournament held in NYC in years. George “Ginky” Sansouci was not only a great player, he was also smart, witty, supportive, loyal, and a great ambassador for the game of pool. This tournament will be a fitting tribute to one of New York’s greatest pool players.”

Greg Hunt – Amsterdam Billiards

“Ginky was one of our most accomplished players winning more Open events than any other player in our history and winning the coveted Player of the Year 4 consecutive years in the 90′s. And so it is with mixed emotions, both grief and pride, that we partake in the cooperative effort to memorialize George “Ginky” SanSouci; an offspring of the Tri-State Tour, who matured into the great player we all loved.”

John Leyman – Tri-State Tour Director

“Ginky was a good friend and a remarkable player who will be missed greatly. It is an honor for Mezz USA and the Mezz Tour to be a part of a memorial tournament to tribute all that Ginky has given to the game of pool and New York City.”

Caroline Pao – Mezz USA & Mezz Tour

Special thanks to a couple of Ginky’s closest friends Gregg McAndrews, Joel Schapiro and Mark Pantovic for stepping up to add $1,000 each and to Amsterdam Billiards owner Greg Hunt for adding $2,000 to make it a $5,000 added event! $2,500 will go towards the ABCD event and $2,500 will go towards the Open/Pro.

My goal was to make it a $5,000 added or more event. If anyone is interested in adding money to this special event, please contact Tony Robles at

Ginky’s family will be there at some point on Saturday to watch the event.

My good friends below will be at the event selling Ginky Memorabilia.

David Padilla will be selling the Ginky armbands that have become very popular. Anyone interested in ordering some armbands prior to the event should contact David immediately at

Jimmy Martinez will also be there to sell limited edition Ginky shirts.

“R2BR which stands for Refusing to be Regular is truly honored to produce the commemorative t-shirt for George ‘Ginky’ SanSouci in limited edition. This shirt will be the first in a series for a newly launched NY Pool design line. Ginky represented the best that the New York City pool scene has to offer and was an individual that pushed the envelope from regular to extraordinary. R2BR has captured that spirit in a distinctive design.”

Jimmy Martinez

Andrew Cleary will also be there Read more ...