Davis Makes a Comeback

Tar-Heel Open / Rocky Mount, NC
by Rick Davis
The Tar-Heel Open offered action and excitement over the August 11-12 weekend where a mixed field of pros and locals matched up at Dot’s Cue Club in Rocky Mount, NC. Once the dust cleared Sunday evening Mike Davis was crowned champion after a great comeback to steal the title from the talented locals.
Late on the winners’ side Phillip Richardson dropped the axe on Davis, defeating him 9-6 in the hot seat match, stunning the crowd by sending Davis west. On the one-loss side Scott Lewis eliminated Cande Lopez 9-6 in the quarterfinals to bring the event down to the final pair of matches. Davis clashed with Lewis in the semifinals and pulled out a 9-7 victory, just shy of going double-hill. Finally in gear, Davis set out to avenge his earlier defeat and set upon the path of the double-set finals. Davis opened with a quick 9-2 thrashing in the opening set before Richardson realized what was going on. Then, with both players giving their all, Davis swept up a final set to take the title and cap off a great weekend.
1st Mike Davis
2nd Phillip Richardson
3rd Scott Lewis
4th Cande Lopez