Klatt Cinches 30K Qualifier

Canadian 30K Tour / Newmarket, ONT
by Willy Hermosa
The second qualifier held at Bigwigs in Newmarket, ONT, the weekend of August 11-12 brought players out of the sun to take advantage of this two-for-one stop. This qualifier counted as two stops, helping players lower their penalties. The gathering was mid-range in handicaps with Jason Klatt, Erik Hjorleifson being the top guns.
The match for the hot seat had Klatt versus Ryan James. Klatt put it away quickly, sending James to grind it out on the one-loss side. On the top of the west side, Brad Lucas defeated Hal Borchardt, while Hjorleifson defeated Randy Fawcett on the bottom bracket. In the next match, Lucas was triumphant over Hjorleifson, defeating him 5-6 and sending “Big Red” home with fourth place. James made quick work of Lucas, earning his passage back to the Promised Land. But the finals can only go to one player, and Klatt had his name written all over it. He steamrolled over James, winning the second qualifier.
1st Jason Klatt
2nd Ryan James
3rd Brad Lucas
4th Erik Hjorliefson
5th Hal Borchardt
Randy Fawcett