Winners Cash at Ultimate 10-Ball Championships

FRISCO, TX (April 27, 2011): Badi Nazhat, promoter of the recent Ultimate 10-Ball Championships in Frisco, TX, is pleased to announce that he will be inviting the top three finishers of this year’s tournament to the 2012 event and will play all expenses.

ultimate 10 ball Winners Cash at Ultimate 10 Ball Championships

The top three men and women finishers will receive free hotel, flight and entry into the 2012 Ultimate 10-Ball Championships.

The players who will benefit from this offer, which will include air fare, hotel, and entry fee, are men’s winner Mike Dechaine, women’s winner Allison Fisher, men’s finalist Jeremy Jones, women’s finalist Kelly Fisher, men’s semifinalist Jason Klatt, and women’s semifinalist Angelina Paglia.

The 2011 Ultimate 10-Ball Championships garnered a top field in both the men’s and women’s division and featured a $50,000-added prize purse. Winners Dechaine and Fisher took home $16,600 and $5,600, respectively, with over 25% of the field being paid out. The three-day tournament, hosted by the Embassy Suites Hotel in Dallas-Frisco, TX, received rave reviews from players and spectators alike.

View the 2011 Ultimate 10-Ball videos at the Inside POOL Video channel at Youtube soon.

About the Ultimate 10-Ball Championships
The Ultimate 10-Ball Championships is an annual event that took place in Aruba in 2010 and Dallas-Frisco in 2011. This prestigious tournament featured some of the most talented players in the sport of billiards. The Ultimate 10-Ball Championships is an open tournament that will continue to feature the finest men and women pool players in the world. The 2011 event was ranked by both the Billiard Congress of America and the Women’s Professional Billiard Association and was a World Pool-Billiard Association sanctioned event. For more information, please visit the official web site,

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