Youtube Nextup Billiards Contest Closing April 8

Less than 36 hours left to vote!

youtube nextup 728 Youtube Nextup Billiards Contest Closing April 8

Voting is coming to an end on April 8! Please vote daily and share the link on Facebook,Twitter and everywhere else fans of billiards gather!

The highly coveted Youtube Nextup Contest is nearing the end of the voting round. The contest is helping promote billiards with the inclusion of InsidePOOLmag as one of the semifinalists. The channels that receive the top votes advance to the finals, where the Youtube judges will determine the winners.

The contest will single out several channels and genres that will receive promotion and support from Youtube. Billiards needs your votes in order to receive this promotion in the future. We’re asking our viewers to vote for our video using the following link.

Vote daily and share by clicking Youtube video link below

You are permitted only one vote per day, but you may vote Thursday and Friday. The catch is that voting ends at 5 pm PST on Friday, April 8, 2011. Please vote by giving our video a “thumbs up” and share the link with your Facebook friends and/or your Twitter followers. Youtube has made this process easier by posting their corresponding icons above the voting buttons in the video area.

Please share the link wherever possible in order to give billiards a chance to be promoted by Youtube in the future. As they say in many popular elections, “Vote early. Vote often!” and help lend a hand in promoting the sport that you love!

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