Youtube Nextup Program Promoting Pool and Billiards

The sport of pool and billiards has a unique opportunity. Youtube has selected Inside POOL Video as a semifinalist in the Nextup Program. The program will select Youtube producers to receive assistance from Youtube in creating better programming. Inside POOL Video is asking for everybody’s help by voting for free between now and April 8 at the Nextup Program page. It’s free, easy and can be done every day to help promote billiards.

youtube billiards Youtube Nextup Program Promoting Pool and Billiards

Please visit the link and vote once per day, every day, until April 8 to help Youtube choose to promote the sport of pool and billiards. Sharing with fellow billiard enthusiasts on Facebook, Twitter and forums is greatly appreciated.

Inside POOL Video creates a variety of programming dedicated to the sport of pool and billiards. Several favorite segments include full-length professional matches, pool lessons, trick shots, player interviews and What’s in the Case. The segments were developed to accompany the online version of Inside POOL Magazine.

J.R. Calvert of Inside POOL said, “We feel that this is a unique opportunity for the sport of pool and billiards. To partner with Youtube has infinite possibilities for promoting the sport of billiards. We’re asking everybody that loves pool to vote for us at the Next Program page. It’s free, easy and a great way to help promote the sport. We may never get another opportunity to help billiards like this.”

To vote to help promote billiards, visit the following video URL and giving it a thumbs up daily:

Promote Billiards by giving a thumbs up at Youtube Contest page here

Voters are encouraged to vote every day between now and April 8. Voters are permitted to vote only one time per day.

Any billiards enthusiast that would love to see more and better free billiards programming is also encouraged to share this with friends on Facebook, Twitter, forums and other social networking sites.

About Inside POOL Magazine
Inside POOL Magazine launched in 2001 and, with pool player-based content and high impact photography, quickly became the largest magazine in the world for the sport of billiards. The official web site,, followed shortly after and became one of the largest web sites in billiards. The web site features videos, image galleries, pool lessons, custom Pool Cue makers, online games, player profiles, tournament brackets, live streaming video, rules, product reviews, and the latest billiard news from around the world.

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