Seminole Pro Tour Releases Schedule

Billiards Tour to Produce 6th Season

The Seminole Pro Tour would like to thank all of the players, fans and sponsors who have supported the Seminole Pro Tour in the past. The Tour is about to embark on its 6th year and hopes that this year can be the best yet. In years past the Tour has done a series of 10-ball events, mainly in Florida, with about 8 events per year with an average of $7,500 added to each event. The Tour has also organized the Steve Mizerak Championship for three years with last year’s tournament having $50,000 added.

corey deuel number one Seminole Pro Tour Releases Schedule

The Tour is about to embark on its 6th year and hopes that this year can be the best yet.

This year, after much deliberation and thought was put in the decision, the Seminole Pro Tour has come up with what we think is the best schedule the Tour has ever had. Four of the five events will be $25,000 or more added and will be BCA ranking events. The amount of events was reduced, but the prize money was significantly increased.


Three of our events (California Billiard Club, Snookers Billiards and The Mizerak Championship) will be regular double elimination tournaments with the same rules the Tour has always used. Two of our events (Capone’s Billiards & Fiddlestix Billiards) will be using a round robin style scoring system. This system may be new to some, but many of the players who have used this format in the past have truly enjoyed it.

Some of the benefits are that players will play, guaranteed, for two full days and a minimum of 40 matches (4 rounds). In most tournaments, you are only guaranteed two matches. Here players are able to play their way to the money and not be eliminated by losing two unfortunate matches early. A loss is not the end of the road in this style. It does make it more difficult to win if you lose early, but players are not eliminated like in the regular format. This style will also make it better for the spectators. Fans will get to see their favorite players play for at least two full days.

The Seminole Pro Tour website will also be going through some major changes this year. The site will soon have an archive of all of the matches from years past. DVDs and other Seminole Pro Tour merchandise will be for sale as well. Real time scoring and brackets will be available this year too. The biggest change will be that all 5 of our events will be streamed live.

Registration for these events (except the Mizerak Championship) will begin on Monday February 28, 2011 via the telephone at 954-985-5701 ext 10724. Each event (except California) is limited to 64 players. Events are expected to fill up very quickly, so do not delay in registering.

The Seminole Pro Tour would also like to thank their current sponsors that made this all possible: The Seminole Tribe of Florida, Seminole Media Productions, the Universal Pool League and Delta-13, the official rack of the 2011 Seminole Pro Tour. Plenty of sponsorship opportunities are still available for this year’s Tour.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities or on the Tour please call 954-985-5701 ext 10724.


Schedule of events:

Event 1:

April 29-May 1, 2011

California Billiard Club Mountain View, CA

$12,000 added

$115 entry fee

10-ball double elimination


Event 2:

July 8-10, 2011

Capone’s Billiards Spring Hill, FL

$25,000 added

$300 entry fee

10-Ball round robin format


Event 3:

August 5-7, 2011

Snookers Billiards Providence, RI

$25,000 Added

$300 entry fee

10-ball double elimination format


Event 4:

August 19-21, 2011

Fiddlestix Billiards Canton, OH

$25,000 Added

$300 entry fee

10-ball round robin format


Event 5:

September 16-18, 2011

Steve Mizerak Championship

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood, FL

$50,000 added

$500 entry fee

10-ball double elimination tournament


Gerry Mayen

Event Coordinator & Producer

Seminole Pro Tour Director
Seminole Media Productions

3560 N State Road 7
Hollywood, FL 33021
Office: 954.985.5701 Ext. 10724
Fax: 954.981.2870
Cell: 954.444.7415

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