Van Boening Defeats Strickland in Derby City Classic One-Pocket
Derby City Classic / Elizabeth, IN

by InsidePOOL Staff

Shane Van Boening became the newest one-pocket division winner at the Derby City Classic, winning a double-hill match over Earl Strickland in the finals. The second event of the tournament began with 317 players and featured a $15,000-added purse.

shane van boening wins derby one pocket Van Boening Defeats Strickland in Derby City Classic One Pocket

Van Boening became the newest one-pocket division winner at the Derby City Classic, winning a double-hill match over Strickland in the finals.

While Van Boening dealt banks division winner Alex Pagulayan a donut in their semifinal match 3-0, Strickland was busy fighting off a strong threat from Shannon “The Cannon” Daulton in the other semifinals. The first couple games were speedily split by the players, and Daulton ran eight and out in the third to go up 2-1. Strickland, however, was unfazed and answered back with a three-ball and four-ball run of his own to tie the match on the hill. The players stuck to defense at first, but when Daulton sent the cue ball uptable he gave Strickland the opening he needed, and Strickland took that game 8-2, winning the match 3-2.

A bad miss by Van Boening saw the first rack of the finals go to Strickland 8-4, with “The South Dakota Kid” retaliating in the second after Strickland hung a ball in his pocket, going out 8-2 to knot the score at 1 game apiece. The players traded innings in the next, but with Van Boening up 5-2, Strickland got a bit daring and shot a cross-corner bank and broke up a cluster of balls. “Efren would’ve hit it perfect,” he mused. “What a game.” Strickland then proceeded to calmly pocket ball after ball and then slow-rolled the final one, a long-rail bank, into his pocket to take the hill.

Strickland ended up leaving Van Boening an opportunity in the fourth rack, and he ran with it, going up 6-2 before a safety shuffle. Attempting a two-rail bank shot, Strickland ended up giving Van Boening another shot, which he took to make it a hill-hill final. Van Boening quickly found an opening in the final rack and thinly cut a ball into his pocket, opening up the table a bit and picking his way through the rack to win 8-2, taking the title 3-2.

The finals for the $10,000-added Fatboy 10-Ball Challenge are scheduled for 8:00 p.m. January 28 on the Accu-Stats table. The field wound down to its last two competitors Thursday: InsidePOOL Magazine’s 2010 Player of the Year, Darren Appleton, and “Rocket” Rodney Morris.

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Appleton matched up with Van Boening in Round 2 of the challenge and eliminated him 15-8, going on to face Francisco Bustamante, who had just ousted Chris Bartram 15-9. It was a narrow victory, but Appleton prevailed 15-13.

Morris faced off against Niels Feijen in the second round in another close match that ended in Morris’s favor 15-12. He then played Lee Van Corteza, who had just defeated Stevie Moore 15-8. Corteza put up a good fight, but still Morris was the more determined and came out the 15-10 winner.

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