Tschudi Claims Lone Star Billiards Tour Opener
Lone Star Billiards Tour / Houston, TX

by InsidePOOL Staff

The Lone Star Billiards Tour’s bar box 8-ball season opener was claimed by Marco Tschudi, who came out on top of a 59-player field at the $1,000-added January 22-23 event. There were also 14 ladies, 12 juniors, and 11 one-pocket players who converged on Bogies Billiards in Houston, TX.

On the east side, Castillo defeated Tschudi 6-2 and Hickman defeated Herrin 6-5, setting up the hot seat match between these two young guns. Castillo ran away with the set and the hot seat 6-2. Out west, Barry Strickland was ousted by Marco Tschudi 5-3, and Brent Thomas defeated Chris Young 5-3, who was on a role after a first-round upset by Dalton Riley. Thomas plowed through seven opponents, including Davis, Rosenbaum, and Herrin, but he fell short of Tschudi 5-1. Hickman shared the same 5-1 fate and the Swiss player moved on to play the undefeated Castillo in the finals.

Tschudi exacted his revenge on the San Antonio master player who had sent him west earlier 6-2. Castillo was defeated the first set 6-5 and the match went into overtime. In the second set, Castillo proved no match for the focused Tschudi and was laid to rest 5-1.

In the one-pocket event, David Gutierrez defeated Danny Lee for the hot seat, while Jason Brown fought through the one-loss side after he suffered a blow from Gutierrez in an earlier round. Brown defeated John Newsome, Lanny Herrin, and Lee for a rematch with Gutierrez. Brown came on strong from start to finish and scored a two-set win.

Juniors completed their 8-ball event on Saturday with Joey Torres, Robyn Petrosino, J.C. Torres, and Carlos Martinez, who finished first through fourth, respectively.

The ladies’ 8-ball event geared up Sunday. Ming Ng annihilated the 14-player women’s field with wins over 10-year-old Tiffany Abernathy, Terry Petrosino, and Courtney Peters. Peters bested Garland in the semifinals 4-3 but lost to Ng in the final match.

tschudi castillo 720 Tschudi Claims Lone Star Billiards Tour Opener

Rick Castillo and Marco Tschudi

Open Results:
1st Marco Tschudi $700
2nd Rick Castillo $450
3rd Brian Hickman $250
4th Brent Thomas $200
5th Barry Strickland $165
Lanny Herrin
7th Brian Rosenbaum $130
Danny Roland
9th Andy Jethwa $80
T.J. Davis
Dalton Riley
Kevin Frauenberger
13th David Gutierrez $65
Dale Briones
Chris Young
Jason Brown

ming lsbt Tschudi Claims Lone Star Billiards Tour Opener

Peters, Ng, Garland

Ladies’ Results:
1st Ming Ng $225
2nd Courtney Peters $170
3rd Teresa Garland $110
4th Belinda Lee $55

Juniors’ Results:
1st Joey Torres $75
2nd Robyn Petrosino $50
3rd J.C. Torres $35
4th Carlos Martinez $20

One-Pocket Results:
1st Jason Brown $365
2nd David Gutierrez $210
3rd Danny Lee $140

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