Stottlemyer Stakes out Mezz Billiards Championship
Mezz Pro-Am Championships / Egg Harbor, NJ

by Jose Burgos

Brett Stottlemyer escaped a determined Manny Chau in the finals of the Mezz Pro-Am Championships to take the title. The event was hosted by Atlantic City Billiard Club in Egg Harbor, NJ, January 15-16, where a field of 53 came out to play.

brett stottlemeyer 720 Stottlemyer Stakes out Mezz Billiards Championship

Stottlemyer escaped a determined Chau in the finals of the Mezz Pro-Am Championships to take the title.

Stottlemyer went undefeated to the final match, notching victories over Marty Ciccia 9-2, Randy Schwager 9-5, Soner Bulut 9-2, Joey Testa, 9-4, and Phil Wines 9-7. Tearing through the bottom half of the bracket was Chau, with wins over Bill Smith Jr. 9-5, Michael Prasents 9-6, Jim O’Hara 9-4, Rob Pole 9-7, and Eddie Abraham 9-6.

The hot seat match between Stottlemyer and Chau went double-hill, but it was Stottlemyer who advanced 9-8, sending Chau to the west side of the chart. Meeting Chau in the semifinals was Matt Krah, who recovered from a first-round loss to Bruce Nagle 9-6 by eliminating Randy Schwager 7-6, Joe Hong 7-3, Jim O’Hara 7-1, Jeremy Sossei 7-5, Josh Brothers 7-5, Testa 7-5, Abraham 7-6, and Pole 7-2. This turned out to be a one-sided match, as Chau quickly won 7-3 to reach the finals.

Chau had to defeat Stottlemyer twice to take the title, and he almost pulled it off. He scored a 9-5 victory in the first set, but Stottlemyer recovered in the second and won by a narrow 7-5 margin to take top honors. The top three finishers also received spots into the 2011 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships.

1st Brett Stottlemyer $1,450
2nd Manny Chau $1,000
3rd Matt Krah $430
4th Rob Pole $300
5th Phil Wines $200
Eddie Abraham
7th Joey Testa $150
Sean Morgan
9th Wali Muhammad $100
Josh Brothers
Bruce Nagle

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