Warnock and Wilkie Capture Predator Billiards Finale
Ozone Billiards Predator Tour / West Hempstead, NY

by Jerry Tarantola, NYCgrind.com

Stewart Warnock and Shaun Wilkie took top honors in their respective divisions at the Ozone Billiards Predator Tour finale, held December 11-12. The $3,000-added event attracted 94 players to Raxx Pool Room in West Hempstead, NY, to participate in the two-day event that took place on the weekend of December 11-12, 2010.

predator finale Warnock and Wilkie Capture Predator Billiards Finale

L-R Open/Pro 2nd Place, Manny Chau, 1st Place, Shaun Wilkie, 3rd Place, Earl Herring

“The Scottish Lion” went through the winners’ side in the open division undefeated, with wins over Steven Wright 7-3, Phil Davis 7-5, Tim Cahill 7-3, Brian Hunter 7-5, Derek Schwager 7-6, Barry Banks 7-4, and Tony Conzensa 7-5. Tony Conzensa also went through the winners’ side in impressive fashion. Tony defeated Mike Davie 7-2, Andrew Kane, 7-3, Henry Lau 7-3, Michael Hertz 7-6, and Troy Deocharran 7-6 before Warnock sent him west 7-5 in the hot seat match. Conzensa bounced back with a clutch 7-5 win over Cahill to earn a rematch against Warnock in the finals.

The final match was a close contest but in the end, after coming so close all year long, Warnock saved the best for last by defeating Conzensa 7-5 to earn his first win on the Predator Tour.

Alongside the amateur event, the pro/open Event also drew a gritty field of some of the toughest players in the region. Legendary straight pool player Earl Herring was impressive with standout wins, defeating Mike Miller 8-4, Bill Dunsmore 8-5, and Tony Robles 8-7 before Wilkie defeated him 8-3.

In a feature match, Tony Robles was lined up against regional standout Manny Chau. Robles had defeated Chau earlier 8-4, but Chau bounced back with wins over Zion Zvi 8-5, Joey Korsiak 8-3, and Jeremy Sossei 8-4. In their rematch, Chau controlled the set and bested Robles 8-5 to set up a semifinal match against Herring.

Chau was ahead 4-0 at the beginning, but the cool and confident Herring staged a comeback. However, Chau fought back and won the match 8-5. Wilkie, who won this event last year, was determined to defend his championship and came out swinging against Chau. In the end, “Get Some” defended his victory by a score of 9-7.

predatorfianl2 Warnock and Wilkie Capture Predator Billiards Finale

L-R ABCD 2nd Place, Tony Conzensa, 1st Place, Stewart Warnock

Open Results:
1st Stewart Warnock $1,400
2nd Tony Conzensa $900
3rd Tim Cahill $650
4th Harry Lau $500
5th Troy Deocharran $325
Barry Banks
7th Richard Ng $250
Rob Omen
9th Derek Schwager $175
Wilfredo Albay
Ricky Ragoonan
Michael Hertz
13th Borana Andoni $125
Mark Pantovic
Brian Hunter
Erin McManus

Pro/Open Results:
1st Shaun Wilkie $1,000
2nd Manny Chau $750
3rd Earl Herring $500
4th Tony Robles $325
5th Jeremy Sossei $100
Rob Pole

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