Behnke Triumphs at Lucasi Tour
Lucasi Hybrid All-American Tour / Sioux Falls, SD

by InsidePOOL Staff

acs 11 27 Behnke Triumphs at Lucasi

(L-R) Adam Behnke (1st), Jerry Behnke (3rd) and Angel Lopez (2nd)

In the second set of the true double-elimination finals, Adam Behnke recovered to take the title at the November 27 stop on the Lucasi Hybrid All-American Tour. Hosted by the new Dakota Cue Club in Sioux Falls, SD, the $500-added event featured a 33-player field in a double-elimination, handicapped 8-ball format on 7-foot Diamond bar boxes.

As an elite player and spotting all his opponents as a “9” based on the regional handicap system used, Sioux Falls resident Behnke proved unstoppable on this day, completing his undefeated run to the hot seat via an A-side semifinals win over Hank Nelson 9-4 and an A-side finals win over Angel Lopez 9-4.

On the B-side Marc Phillips and Jerry Behnke eliminated Ryan Behnke 4-3 and Sam Disse 7-3, respectively. Phillips and Behnke continued their momentum in the next round by respectively ending the day at fifth place for Nelson 5-4 and Austin Sissel 7-3. In the B-side semifinals Jerry Behnke ousted Phillips 7-2, but Behnke came up short against Lopez 6-2 in the B-side finals.

When Lopez faced off against Adam Behnke in the tournament finals, he made things interesting by handing Adam his first loss in the first set 6-7. But Behnke recovered in the second and took down Lopez by a 9-4 margin for the title.

1st Adam Behnke $425
2nd Angel Lopez $275
3rd Jerry Behnke $200
4th Marc Phillips $100
5th Hank Nelson $50
Austin Sissel
7th Ryan Behnke $30
Sam Disse