IPT Ultimate 8-Ball Challenge Match Player Voting
The International Pool Tour’s Ultimate 8-Ball presents its next challenge match April 29th, 2008. The match will feature two players chosen solely by fan votes. The voting period begins today, March 10 and goes through April 11, 2008. For the first time in billiards history, the fan base will be in total control of picking the participants for such an event. Voting is simple and free. Fans can go to Internationalpooltour.com and vote for their favorite player(s).
On the IPT web site, fans will be able to search through players from around the world. Voters can quickly filter the ballot by player country, gender, status, and then sort the results to help them make their choice. Or, voters can look at the entire list of players on the ballot and chose from there. Player biographies and statistics are available for those voters who are unsure of whom to vote for.
The match will be broadcast live on the IPT web site and will be the fourth live challenge match of the Ultimate 8-Ball challenge match series. The first three matches, including the recent Manalo vs. Morris match, are available for viewing in the Internationalpooltour.com video library.
For more match details, the voting page, and the live results, visit www.internationalpooltour.com (http://www.internationalpooltour.com/).