Billiards Legend Mike Sigel Launches Official Web Site

Billiard legend and BCA Hall of Fame member Mike Sigel has launched his official web site. The site will offer pool lessons, advice and Pool Cue and billiards supplies. The official web site is

mike sigel billiards Billiards Legend Mike Sigel Launches Official Web Site

Sigel has launched his official web site which will offer pool lessons, cues and billiards supplies. is dedicated to providing players with knowledge and billiards instruction from Mike Sigel. Mike Sigel has amassed over 105 professional titles during his career and has created this site to share his knowledge and experience with the world.

Additionally, Sigel makes and offers a line of cues and cases. These cues and cases headline an assortment of 1400 pool and billiard products for players, pool rooms, and game rooms. also will be offering a Premium Membership that allows members to enjoy premium content provided by Mike Sigel on a regular basis.

About Mike Sigel

Mike “Captain Hook” Sigel was voted the Greatest Living Player of the 20th century, and at age 35, is the youngest member to be inducted into the Billiard Hall Of Fame. Mike Sigel began playing at the age of 13 and turned Pro when he was 20, winning the first US Open. He has won 105 Professional Pool & Pocket Billiard tournaments. Including 6 US Opens and 10 World Championships.

Hall Of Fame legend Mike Sigel earned his moniker by hooking opponents with lock safes and though his incredible offensive skills. Early in his phenomenal 9-ball career, most tournament wins in the 1980′s and 90′s, the Captain would break and run a game or two before playing defense so clamping, so vicious, his opponent would wish they made a living at ping-pong or darts instead of pool.

Mike also holds the World record for the quickest 150-and-out in the 14th Annual US Open Championship. Named Player of the Year 4 times, Sigel has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, and ABC Wide World OF Sports, CBS Sports Cable, Fox Sports, ESPN, Good Morning America, Night Watch, PM Magazine, The Bert Sugars Show, Charlie Rose, The Best Damn Sports Show Period, FSN, and many others.

In addition he appeared as himself in the movie Baltimore Bullet and performed many of the trick shots for the opening sequence in that film. Mike was the technical advisor, choreographer, instructor for the movie “The Color of Money” staring Paul Newman (who won an Academy Award for Best Actor) and Tom Cruise. Sigel coached both Newman and Cruise to play like a pro. Mike has been on the cover of magazines such as Inside Pool, Billiard News, Bike Week, and many others numerous times. He has been featured in Sports Illustrated, Life, People, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Playboy, Parade, Baltimore Magazine, Orlando Sentinel, Silver Screen, Cigar Aficionado, Japan, and many Newspapers around the World! He had retired in 1994 after having the most successful tour victories of any player and continued to do special appearances, charity events, exhibitions for major corporations, ESPN guest commentator and lessons.

In 1998 he won an Invitational 9 ball event in Paris, France, his first tournament since retiring and went on to come out of retirement again in 2004 to play and WIN the Steve Mizerak 9 Ball tournament. The last 11 years he has been personally handcrafting the best hitting pool cue on the market. August of 2005 has brought Sigel out of full retirement to Play Professionally for the International Pool Tour; at the World Championship in Las Vegas to win the tournament and take home $150,000.00 . His focus today is to play and promote the new tour.

Sigel’s historic match for the IPT was for “8-Ball Championship Of The World” against Loree Jon Jones (Hasson), with both players then ranked far below the several top dozen men and women in the world. Sigel handily won the $200,000 first prize and was later crushed by Efren “The Magician” Reyes, in the match that followed.