November 2010 Issue of Inside POOL Magazine Released

Team China Snares World Cup of Pool

The November 2010 online issue of Inside POOL Magazine, featuring Fu Jianbo and Li Hewen of Team China as they win the World Cup of Pool on the front cover, has been released at This month the download features more banking secrets from new instruction writer Freddy “The Beard” Bentivegna, Matt Sherman, Jason Lynch, Tom Simpson along with tons of great new technology in online billiards magazine viewing such as enhanced clarity, Bonus Content, loads of full-screen videos, links to favorite web sites, flipping pages, zooming, emailing, sharing, and printing.

nov cover 720 November Billiards Magazine Download Released

Team China is featured on the cover of the November issue.

Fu Jianbo and Li Hewen of Team China blast off our front cover as they win the World Cup of Pool. Get pool lessons from our staff of professional billiard instructors. Get a banking lesson from Freddy “The Beard” Bentivegna, a trick shot lesson from Jason “The Michigan Kid” Lynch, or learn how to “Stay in the Moment” from Bob Henning. Catch up with Ernesto and Oscar Dominguez as they tour Japan with Kenichi Uchigaki of Tokyo, Japan. Check out what to get the pool player in your life with our Holiday Buying Guide. Catch up on the latest news from the sports of pool and billiards with our international and regional news. Readers can also relax with our latest search and find billiards puzzle.

Two versions of the download are available, Premium and Freemium. The Freemium version includes all of the same features of the Premium version, but the Premium version includes 100% of the print version, plus a few extra features.

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Inside POOL Magazine publishes both print and online versions of each issue. The online version is made available for FREE (without a membership, but abbreviated) and Premium viewing and downloading around the first day of each month.

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