Ladies Suffer Heavy Losses at U.S. Open
U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships / Chesapeake, VA

by InsidePOOL Staff

Of the 16 women who participated in the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships for the first time, 13 have been eliminated. Ten went two and out: Angie Hawkins, Tracy Prescott, Loree Jon Hasson, Jackie Duggan, Borana Andonia, Morgan Steinman, Yomaylin Feliz, Belinda Beardon-Calhoun, Neslihan Gurel, and Cheryl Pritchard. Ewa Laurance bested Bill Mason 11-6 in the first round but then was bested by Chip Klein 11-6 and then Brian Brekke 11-3. Sarah Rousey was defeated by Chris Melling of the U.K. 11-2, won by forfeit over Michael Page, and then was eliminated by Chris Bartram 11-5. Amy Chen won 11-6 over Edmundo Ambrose but then was sent to the one-loss side after her match with Lee Van Corteza, which ended 11-3. There she was eliminated by Adam Kielar 11-0. JoAnn Mason Parker and Morgan Steinman both lost their first-round match and then faced each other. When Parker prevailed 11-6, she went on to meet Gerda Hofstatter and was herself ousted 11-4.

gerda hofstatter us open1 Ladies Suffer Heavy Losses at U.S. Open 9 Ball

Hofstatter is still alive at the event.

Jennifer Barretta, the first woman to win a match in the U.S. Open, thereby making history, will vie with Gerda Hofstatter in order to win the extra $1,000 that event promoter Barry Behrman has promised to the top lady finisher. After winning her first-round match against David Ross 11-5, Barretta suffered her first loss to Nigel Francis 11-4. Barretta will next play Scott Higgins in the one-loss side.

Past U.S. Open champion John Schmidt survives—after winning his first-round match over Gregg McAndrews 11-4, he was sent west by Daniel Heidrich 11-2. There he whizzed through his match with Matt Riggs 11-5 and will face Steven Page in the next round. Shane Van Boening, who was upset in the first round by Mike “Fireball” Dechaine, still remains alive, having ousted Mike Badsteubner 11-2 and Omar Santiago 11-6.

New York’s Frankie Hernandez has been eliminated—he lost his second-round match to England’s Jayson Shaw and then suffered an 11-5 loss to Danny Mastermaker, who was celebrating his 22nd birthday. Charismatic Filipino Roberto Gomez rebounded from his second-round loss to Chris Orme 11-8 to win his one-loss side match over Blair Levandowski 11-6.

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