Tri-State Tour Holds a Triple Play

Tri-State Tour / Queens, NY
by Rick Davis
The Tri-State Tour brought a gaggle of action to Master Billiards in Queens, NY, where three separate events were held September 15 as the players reached for the all-important tour points and event wins.
In the B division it was Mike Wong who outclassed them all, going undefeated and taking the title from the 16-player field. On the winners’ side Wong slipped past Tony Athanasakis double-hill in the hot seat match to earn a well-deserved rest. Then, on the one-loss side, Tony Eglasias ousted Ariel Rivera 7-6 in the quarterfinals and kept his comeback alive by eliminating Athanasakis with a solid 7-2 score in the semifinals. With only one match to play, the finals slowly crept to a climax, and then at double-hill Wong snatched the title from Eglasias to earn the event win.
In the C division Sal Marcelo took the victory from his 16-player field through a one-loss side comeback. Late on the winners’ side George Osipovitch defeated Sal Lanuto 6-4 in the hot seat match, turning attention to the one-loss side. On the western front, Marcelo eliminated Aron Rovner 6-4 in the quarterfinals then Lanuto 6-5 in the semifinals, ushering him to the finals in a blink of the eye. Capping off his comeback, Marcelo tore through the final match against Osipovitch and defeated him 8-3 to claim the event.
In the D division another undefeated run was seen as Floyd Reece defeated the field in stunning fashion. On the winners’ side Reece defeated Borana Andoni 6-3 in the hot seat match and waited for his final opponent. On the one-loss side D’Jamison Jensen eliminated Naomi Fingerhut 5-3 in the quarterfinals then squeaked past Andoni double-hill in the semifinals. Reece then got back in the spotlight as the finals got underway and shocked everyone with a shut-out victory, defeating Jenses 5-0 to claim victory.
B Results:
1st Mike Wong
2nd Tony Eglasias
3rd Tony Athanasakis
4th Ariel Rivera
C Results:
1st Sal Marcelo
2nd George Osipovitch
3rd Sal Lanuto
4th Aron Rovner
D Results:
1st Floyd Reece
2nd D’Jamison Jensen
3rd Borana Andoni
4th Naomi Fingerhut