Introducing “The Universal Challenge System” has announced it has finalized an unprecedented modern hybrid system for managing and organizing pool player competition. Leagues and tournaments require a lot of pre-planning and involvement to get enough players together at one time. This system only requires 2 players, 1 pool table, and a Challenge card.

mcdermott propool Announces McDermott as Official Cue Sponsor has announced it has finalized an unprecedented modern hybrid system for managing and organizing pool player competition.

The Universal Challenge System uses an unrestricted simple universal win-loss scorecard (The Challenge Card) to allow any two players to compete at their own schedule and delegate it to the host tournament. The match scores can be entered live online or later when internet access is available. If internet access is available at the venue, live scoring and a leader board can be utilized to display real-time stats.

“This is a very exciting opportunity for McDermott Cue. Increasing the participation of billiards and driving the profitability of pool room operators is critical for the success of our industry,” said McDermott Cue Promotional Director Jayme Cernicka. “Providing players with the superior product value that McDermott Cue represents is just one of the key benefits of this program.”

McDermott Cue Participation

Every player match dollar entry fee is returned in 100% payback with McDermott cues.

Share expertise and guidance to grow a successful program designed to increase your profits.

Participating Venue Benefits

This exciting new format allows any venue with one or more pool tables to be linked into large city/state/national contest with no set-up cost.

Use the Universal Challenge System as a qualifier to build large monthly tournaments.

With the simple Challenge Card any player can play at any time and link that match into the monthly contest, requiring minimal management.

Through the website your patrons will be kept current on all the latest events and promotions at your establishment. offers a player networking system that is designed to drive new players to your events.

Player Benefits

Two players have the freedom and flexibility to schedule their matches anytime, anywhere, while still qualifying for a specific tournament.

The $1 challenge fee is returned to the prize purse in the form of McDermott cues. Winning 5 challenge matches qualifies the player into the monthly tournament at their selected venue. The more matches delegated to their preferred tournament venue, the larger the prize pool gets.

The player’s personal stats are recorded and updated every time they enter challenge match results.

Network and challenge other/new players within the database.


The concept of propool.con has been around since 1987 to collect and track stats like all the other sports since their beginnings. We are the only sport that doesn’t take stats serious. Every player has the immediate opportunity to participate by tracking all their personal lifetime activity, receive an accurate performance rating, and enjoy other hi-tech programs. This makes pool competition more fun, rewarding, and available. Plus players can easily compare their performance to the pros and other players.

About McDermott Cue

Since 1975, McDermott Cue has consistently raised the industry standard for what billiard players expect from a high quality Pool Cue. McDermott products use the latest technology in our state-of-the-art facility, along with the finest materials in the world. McDermott has been a leader in supporting the industry through tournaments and billiard events. If it’s important to our customers, it’s important to us.

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