Billiards Podcast by Inside POOL Magazine

Inside POOL Magazine is pleased to announce the Billiards Podcast by Inside POOL Magazine, a new podcast created by The podcast will feature pool and billiard content including interviews, lessons, instruction, artistic and trick shots, news, and other unique video.
The podcast is available for free at In addition to inclusion at, the podcast is available at an increasing number of podcast outlets online, like,,, and iTunes.
View the podcast at iTunes (
View the Billiards Podcast by Inside POOL Magazine list (/pool-and-billiard-podcasts/pool-podcasts-and-videos.html) will produce and publish new podcasts. The podcast will also feature videos from Billiard Club Network and LLC on a regular basis.
There’s a huge potential for the combination of billiards and podcasts. We have a beautiful game and it’s one that many people love to play and watch. Nowadays people have been accustomed to getting what they want, when they want it. Our podcast will provide a wide assortment of billiards video content onto computers all over the world. said Inside POOL Magazine publisher, JR Calvert.