Double J Earns Billiards Success in San Antonio

by InsidePOOL Staff
Fast Eddie’s Olhausen 9-Ball Tour, sponsored by Schuler Legacy Cues, gathered in San Antonio, TX, September 15-16 for another exciting event. The $1,750-added open division drew 93 players from all over the region, with former U.S. Open champion Jeremy “Double J” Jones coming out on top. Top picks besides Jones were Charlie Bryant, Jui Lung Chen, James Davis Sr., Danny Almaraz, Destry Ensley, and newly crowned Texas Open champ Sylver Ochoa, who is playing better and better.
The fifth-place spots are always tough to reach, and this weekend was no exception as everyone was playing well. Ismael Ramirez and Andy Jethwa, both tough 9-ballers, fought hard to get as far as they did. Rick Stanley finished in the fourth-place position and made some noise doing it. Stanley plays fast and loose and is a consistent top finisher on tour.
“Double J” and Bryant were locked hill-hill in the hot seat match, and Bryant looked well in control of the game and match when he suddenly got peculiar on the 6 ball. He studied the shot and opted to fire the 6 in the corner and draw the cue ball around the table three rails for position on the 7. The cue ball just caught the point on the side pocket and left him way out in center field. He made a valiant attempt to bank the 7 but just missed and left Jones in a routine situation.
Bryant now had to deal with Ochoa in the semifinals. Ochoa just proved to be a little much on this day, and his win over “Hillbilly” set up the finals between Ochoa and Jones. The finals seemed to be another nail-biter. At one point, Jones led 5-2, but Sylver rallied, taking over the lead at 7-6. Suddenly, he rattled a routine 7 ball, and Jones took the 7-7 lead and never looked back.


Jeremy Jones

Sylver Ochoa

Charlie Bryant

Rick Stanley

Ismael Ramirez

Andy Jethwa

Jui Lung Chen

Marc Garza

James Davis Sr.

Eric Aicinena

Chris White

Danny Almaraz