Ulrich and Cook Capture First Place

Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour / Lexington, SC
by InsidePOOL Staff

Grady’s, a new billiards parlor in Lexington, SC, kicked off their opening by hosting the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour September 22-23. An enormous 80-player field of billiard players came out for the $2,000-added event, with Atlanta resident Louis Ulrich taking top honors.

Notching wins over Marcus Goins 9-4, Grady Mathews 9-7, Monroe Jones 9-5, Sam Brannon 9-4, Rodney Holland 9-2 before meeting up with Southeast terror Steve Moore in the hot seat match. Ulrich came out the 9-7 victor in their match and waited for his next opponent.

Mike Gulyassy met Ulrich in the finals, having disposed of opponents Doc Tripp 9-1, Rex Alred 9-4 and Scott Rabon 9-4 before losing to Moore 9-1. From there he recouped, winning over Jim Jennings before his rematch with Moore, which he won double-hill. However, Gulyassy’s run was ended by Ulrich, who handily defeated him 9-6 in the final match.

In the tour’s amateur division, Dave Cook took first place over the 29-player field. Cook scored victories over Rick Ratliff 5-1, Dwayne Mortiz 5-0, Rory Dover 5-1, Mike Basha 5-2, and Matt Reed 5-2. Before hi loss to Cook, Reed notched wins over Chris Zayas 5-2, DJ Czech 5-2, Billy7 Mozingo 5-1, and Joe Kelly Jr. 5-3. After his loss to Cook, Reed came back to the semifinal match, where he bested Jose Farias Jr. hill-hill, at which point he advanced to the finals against Cook. However, Cook was prepared, and he sent Reed packing with a 5-1 final score.

Open Results:

Amateur Results:

Louis Ulrich

Dave Cook

Mike Gulyassy

Matt Reed

Steve Moore

Jose Farias Jr.

Eddie Little

Joe Kelly Jr.

Rodney Holland

Mike Basha

Jim Jennings

Eric Charlton

Monroe James

Rory Dover

Buddy Davis

Billy Mozingo

Mike Davis

Scott Rabon

Dallas Roach

Sam Brannon