Frost Chills the Desert Competition

Olhausen Desert All Around One-Pocket Event / Tempe, AZ
Scott “The Freezer” Frost, one of the country’s best and most aggressive one-pocket players, again proved his dominance of the game at the September 22-23 stop of the Olhausen Desert All Around One-Pocket Event. Hosted by Kolby’s Corner Pocket in Tempe, AZ, this tournament drew in a top field of 46 players.
Frost fought through the field undeterred, meeting young gun Mitch Ellerman in the hot seat match. The tour’s points leader, Ellerman played aggressively, but his enthusiasm came up short against Frost’s superior knowledge of the game, and Frost ended up winning 3-0.

In the one-loss side, Ellerman matched up against Terry Osborne in the semifinals. Having just finished off Bernie Pettipiece in a lengthy match 3-1, Osborne wasn’t quite up to the challenge of facing Ellerman, who defeated him 3-0 to gain a rematch against Frost in the finals.

No strangers to the finals of this tour, Ellerman and Frost kept it close at first, splitting the first four games in the extended race-to-5 finals. However, it wasn’t long before Frost took the next two games to reach the hill. When it was apparent that Frost was going to win the fifth and final game, Ellerman threw in the towel, granting Frost the victory.

Open Results:

Scott Frost

Mitch Ellerman

Bernie Pettipiece