Swiss Open in Gstaad Commences

Today the group stages of the Gstaad Open in Switzerland had started. Although the tournament is not sold out, many world-class players like such as Germany’s Ralf Souquet and Imran Majid of England are in attendence.

The Gstaad event has kicked off.

The Gstaad event has kicked off.

Instead of 256 players only around 80 players take part in the Pan-European billiard event. Therefore the prize money had to be reduced to the half one week before the tournament start. But organization chief Marcel Frattini had a little surprise for the sportsmen in his opening speech today. “We had to reduce the prize money, therefore we’ve decided to half the entry fee also”. So all players will get back 75 Euros from the already paid 150.

“The tournament wasn’t well dated, entry fee was too high and we made mistakes in the organization”, Frattini added. He also mentioned that the German league system starts this weekend which costs him lots of players. Furthermore the World Cup of Pool just finished, the Predator International and the China Open are upon us.

However the Gstaad Open will pay out 20,000.00 Euros added money and is therefore still one of the biggest tournament in Europe 2010.

Prize money is as follows:
1st 6.000 Euro
2nd 4,000 Euro
3- 4 place each 2,000 Euro
5 – 8 place each 850 Euro
9 – 16 place each 600 Euro
17 – 32 place each 300 Euro
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