Filipinos Rule Stage 1 of Predator Championship

Star Billiards hosted the first half of the The Predator Sweet 16 as well as the qualifying rounds of the Predator International Championship in their top notch, state of the art facility. Star Billiards owner Sebastian Chua, who owns several companies, hosted all the players with free food, drinks, internet, pool time, and shuttle service from the hotel.

Feijen, a former World Champion, here with his devastating break that dethroned USA #1 Archer.

Feijen, a former World Champion, here with his devastating break that dethroned USA #1 Archer.

Players such as Johnny Archer, Niels Feijen, Corey Deuel, Marcus Chamat, Rodney Morris, Charlie Williams, Thorsten Hohmann, Oliver Ortmann and many more were some of the top names to enter the room to fight for the Predator Sweet 16 title. These players, as well as the winners of the other qualifying events, would later enter the Predator International Championship at SM Mall North Edsa September 15-18, 2010 this week.

Dragon Promotions are producing these events with the support of Min Tables, Yalin Balls, Simonis Cloth, SM City North Edsa, Puyat Sports, Poison, Star Billiards, and of course Predator. This year’s Predator International Championship will air on ABS-CBN and ESPN Star Sports. Eurosport will cover the event in Europe.

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Highlight matches of the Sweet 16 started with Filipino Lee Van Corteza‘s drubbing of USA’s Charlie Williams 8-1. Lee Van put together a total of 6 break and runouts out of his 8 games won. Next USA’s Rodney Morris scraped through a tough 8-6 decision over Thorsten Hohmann of Germany. The Netherland’s Huidji See overcame 2x World Champion Oliver Ortmann 8-6 and Corey Deuel fell to Sweden’s Marcus Chamat 8-6.

In the Final 8, Chamat led against Morris 5-0, before Morris made a stunning comeback to win the match 8-6 pushing him to the semi-finals. Van Corteza had a tougher time than his first match with an 8-6 win over Stevie Moore USA. David Alcaide of Spain dropped See 8-2 like a bad habit while Feijen got passed legendary USA player Johnny Archer 8-6.

Meanwhile, in the three qualifying heats for the main event, the Predator Championship, their were 6 spots up for grabs. Not surprisingly, all five spots were won by local Filipino top players. Jech Limen, Ruben Cuna, Val Pajuay, Demosthenes Pulpul, Judy Villanueva , and DonDon Razalan will have a shot at the prestigious title and golden Predator cat.

The players in the final four of the Predator Sweet 16 will play the semi-finals at SM Mall North Edsa the following day for television coverage.

Niels Feijen, a former World Champion, here with his devastating break that dethroned USA #1 Johnny Archer