Saco and Panzarella Split Tri-State Billirds Event
Tri-State Tour / East Rutherford, NJ

by InsidePOOL Staff

Rich Saco and Mike Panzarella decided to split top honors at the Tri-State Tour’s August 7 event. The A-D, $500-added event was hosted by Castle Billiards in East Rutherford, NJ, and attracted a field of 48 players.

On the winners’ side final four Saco faced down Annie Flores decisively 7-4, while Joe Varvaro routed Kyle Bubet 6-1. The hot seat match that followed was a close one, but Saco scraped by with a 7-5 victory, sending Varvaro to the one-loss side while he awaited a finals opponent.

Rich Saco and Mike Panzella split the Tri-State Tour.

Rich Saco and Mike Panzella split the Tri-State Tour.

Making his way through the west side of the chart, Panzarella fought off Pete Ziemak 7-2 to face off against Flores. He deposited her in fifth place 7-4, as Bubet dispatched Chuck Giallorenzo 6-3 to tie with Flores. In a hotly contested battle, Bubet and Panzarella met in the quarterfinal match, with Panzarella triumphing 9-7. Another close match ensued when Panzarella went on to face Varvaro in the semifinals. Their match went hill-hill, but Panzarella again pulled it out to advance to the finals. There he and Saco decided to split because of the lateness of the hour.

1st Rich Saco $525
Mike Panzarella
3rd Joe Varvaro $250
4th Kyle Bubet $150
5th Annie Flores $100
Chuck Giallorenzo
7th Pete Ziemak $75
Rick Shellhouse