Krah Capitalizes on Blaze Tour
Blaze 9-Ball Tour / Boothwyn, PA

by Jose Burgos

Matt Krah escaped a double-elimination final match to win the Blaze 9-Ball Tour’s November 8 stop. Hosted by Riley’s Billiards in Boothwyn, PA, this stop featured players such as Mike Miller, Joey Testa, Shaun Wilkie, and Josh Brothers.

Krah led the top half of the bracket, notching victories over Wilkie 7-3, Randy Jaragoske 7-2, and Brothers 7-4. On a path to meet him in the hot seat match, Miller scored wins over Bob Madara 7-4, Carl Khan 7-2, and Joey Testa 7-3.

The ensuing hot seat match between Krah and Miller went hill-hill. After facing a 6-2 deficit, Krah came back to win the match 7-6 and send Miller to the one-loss side. Waiting for him there was Testa, but it was all Miller this time, as he skated past Testa 7-2 to earn a rematch with Krah in the finals.

Matt Krah bested Mike Miller in the finals of the Blaze Tour event in Boothwyn, PA.

Matt Krah bested Mike Miller in the finals of the Blaze Tour event at Riley’s Billiards in Boothwyn, PA.

In the true double-elimination finals, Miller had to defeat Krah twice to win the event. It looked as though he was going to pull it off, with his strong 7-1 victory in the first set. But in the second set it was all Krah, who won 7-5 to take the title.

1st Matt Krah $750
2nd Mike Miller $360
3rd Joey Testa $290
4th Shaun Wilkie $100
5th Josh Brothers $50
Mike Danato