Rabon and White Win in Mississippi
Mississippi State 9-Ball Championships / Jackson, MS

by InsidePOOL Staff

The Viking Cue Tour’s Mississippi State Championships, hosted by The Green Room in Jackson, MS, kicked off on November 5 with the one-pocket tournament that finished up on Friday and was followed by a 9-ball tournament that kicked off on Saturday and finished up Sunday. The Viking Cue Tour’s Mississippi State Championships paid out over $17,000 in prize monies and drew in 74 participants.

The one-pocket division came down to Rafael Martinez versus Scott Rabon. Rabon claimed the win after defeating Larry “The Truth” Nevel 3-1, with a score of 5-4.

One-Pocket Results:
1st Scott Rabon $2,500
2nd Rafael Martinez $1,300
3rd Larry Nevel $800
4th Jason Evans $200

The Viking Cue Tour’s Mississippi State 9-ball event presented a few upsets as Shawn Putnam was defeated by Jason Evans, sending him to the one-loss side where he was ousted by Josh O’Neal and ended in fifth place.

Nevel also was sent to the one-loss side early in the event by Putnam and ended up in fourth place after also being eliminated by O’Neal, who sent him home after their hill-hill match 11-10.

Brian White was the one who took home the title of 2009 Mississippi State 9-Ball champion, as he made his way through the brackets undefeated and finished up in set one of the double-elimination finals, defeating O’Neal, who had wreaked havoc on the one-loss side of the brackets, 11-5 to claim the win.

Brian White, Zach Boyd (manager of The Green Room), Scott Rabon

Brian White, Zach Boyd (manager of The Green Room), Scott Rabon

1st Brian White $4,600
2nd Josh O’Neal $2,600
3rd Wesley Barnes $1,620
4th Larry Nevel $1,000
5th James Baraks $600
Shawn Putnam
7th Jason Evans $250
Gary Abood
9th Rafael Martinez $150
Mike Reeves
Luc Depierne
Mark Cavalier
13th Jonathan Pinegar $75
John Macis
Nick Vita
Daniel McKenney