34th Annual US Open Kicks Off in Chesapeake
US Open 9-Ball Championships / Chesapeake, VA

by Lea Andrews

The action has begun in Chesapeake, VA, where 216 men have gathered for the 34th annual US Open 9-Ball Championships, which is being held October 18-24 at the Chesapeake Conference Center and features winner breaks races to eleven on both sides of the bracket. While many of the nation’s usual suspects are present for the competition, the rest of the world’s players have helped fill up the bracket. Filipinos Efren Reyes and Alex Pagulayan are conspicuously absent, but Warren Kiamco, Roberto Gomez, Jose Parica, Al Lapena, and Ramil Gallego are all vying for the win. The British contingent is also well-represented with Chris Melling, Imran Majid, Raj Hundal, and Karl Boyes, as is the European contingent: Ralf Souquet, Niels Feijen, Thorsten Hohmann, and Vincent Facquet.


After a major victory at the Galveston World Classic 10-Ball, Immonen will be looking to keep his winning streak going by defending his U.S. Open title this year.

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Some of the field’s biggest names, such as Parica, Johnny Archer, Nick Varner, Gabe Owen, and Shawn Putnam, remain in the winner’s bracket after receiving byes in the first round, while defending champion Mika Immonen made it to round two on the winner’s side the old-fashioned way with an 11-6 win over Jerry Fitchett. Next up for Immonen is a Monday match versus Chris Bartram, who sent Sho Tsuken west 11-8. Other early victories include Tony Crosby over Matt Rutter 11-5, Rodney Morris 11-5 over Nick Brucato, and Jeremy Jones 11-3 over Bill Dunsmore. First round matches still to come are Cary Dunn versus Cliff Joyner, Mike Davis versus Brent Hensley, Souquet versus EJ Glode, Earl Strickland versus Michael Yedrak, John Schmidt versus Rob Saez, and Feijen versus Ramil Gallego.