Kosmin is King in New York

Tri-State Tour / Astoria Queens, NY
by Rick Davis
The Tri-State Tour stopped at Break Bar Billiards in Astoria Queens, NY, September 30, where a 36-player field entered the 9-ball event. Charging through the field was Adam Kosmin, who swept the event and took the title undefeated.
On the winners’ side it was Kosmin versus Mike Amaya fighting for the hot seat, but Kosmin dominated and took the match 8-4. On the one-loss side Naomi Fingerhut was working hard to make a comeback, taking 5 one-loss side wins that included the elimination of Alex Borukhovich 5-3. Keeping up pace was Hiram Maldonado, who had sent Fingerhut to the one-loss side earlier in the event and then, after knocking out Mike Panzarella double-hill, gave Fingerhut her final loss in the quarterfinals, this time 9-7 to eliminate her from play. From there the event ended in a flash of matches as Amaya ousted Maldonado 8-7 in the semifinals then fell just short to Kosmin in the finals, where the score was 8-6.
1st Adam Kosmin
2nd Mike Amaya
3rd Hiram Maldonado
4th Naomi Fingerhut
5th Alex Borukhovich
Mike Panzarella
7th Victor Dabu
Charles Bromley Jr.