Morra Faces Off Against Bergman in Young Gun Challenge
March 21st, 2008 – The first “Young Gun’s Challenge” is underway at Shooters in Olathe, KS. This two-man tournament features rising stars Canadian John Morra versus USA’s Justin Bergman. The format is a marathon race to 100 playing 10-ball. Friday night’s play started at 7 PM Central time and continues until one player reaches 30 games.
Saturday night’s play will start at 7 PM Central time and will continue until one player reaches 60 games. Sunday play will start at 5 PM Central time and will continue until one of the players wins 100 games and collects the $20,000 winner-takes-all prize. The entire event can be viewed live on the pay-per-view system and will also be released on DVD. Several other top players have made appearances at the event, including Shane VanBoening, Cliff Joyner, Danny Harriman and Mike Banks.