Qlympics Gives Billiard Players a Chance of a Lifetime to Score Big
If you’re a tournament billiard player, this is your chance to score at Qlympics. Due to scheduling conflicts with the WPA World Pool Championship, the registration for the U.S. Open events has been light–all the top champions are in Manila. That means every player’s chances of winning have just dramatically increased.

Playbca.com will guarantee $20,000 added. With full fields, the added will climb to $64,000 and push the prize fund to $176,000.

In other words, Get Your Butt There

U.S. Open Tournaments:

Double elimination on 9 foot Diamond Smart Tables.

Play in one, or all, of the following events. You don’t have to be a BCA POOL LEAGUE member!

U.S. Open One Pocket Championship
Monday afternoon, Nov 5-9 •128 max. $235, includes all fees.

U.S. Open Bank Pool Championship • Full rack
Monday morning, Nov 5-9 • 128 max. $235, includes all fees.

U.S. Open 14.1 Straight Pool Championship
Monday morning, Nov 12-16 • 128 max. $235, includes all fees.

U.S. Open 10 Ball Championship
Monday afternoon, Nov 12-16 • 256 max. $235, includes reg. fee.

Qlympics is an open event in a “player friendly” venue with a 24/7 action room and late night food and drink. And, like all playbca.com events, there will be plenty of warm-up and nightly mini tournaments.

The Clarion Hotel and Conference Center, Louisville, Kentucky

Please make your reservations at the Clarion. Call (502) 491-4830 and mention “Qlympics.”