Taylor Road Productions, promoters of the Galveston World Classic, is pleased to announce that Predator and Poison will be the official pool cues of the Galveston World Classic. The billiard event features top professionals and amateurs in pool tournaments vying for $1,000,000 in prizes and will be staged at the Moody Gardens in Galveston, TX September 11-20, 2009.

The event will feature the top billiard professionals and thousands of amateur players vying for $1,000,000 in prizes in 11 events. Some of the top professional players that will be competing are Efren Reyes, Earl Strickland, Francisco Bustamante, Johnny Archer, Nick Varner, Jeremy Jones, Gabe Owen, and Charlie Bryant. Many of these players will also be performing in special nightly challenge matches.

Louie Vickio of Taylor Road Productions said, “The Predator Group is an outstanding company with an almost unparalleled history of supporting the sport of billiards. We’re extremely honored to welcome Predator and Poison as the official pool cues and grateful that they have chosen to continue their support of billiards with the Galveston World Classic.”

The Galveston World Classic event will be STREAMED LIVE and FREE at the event web site, The Galveston World Classic and will be aired throughout Asia with 11 hours of programming on ESPN Star.

Predator and Poison Cues are the official cues of the Glaveston World Classic.

Predator and Poison Cues are the official cues of the Glaveston World Classic.

The Galveston World Classic will also be aired on the VERSUS network in a weekly time slot during November and December this year. The air times are listed below:

Wednesday November 11 6-7pm EST
Wednesday November 18 6-7pm EST
Wednesday December 2 6-7pm EST
Wednesday December 9 6-7pm EST
Wednesday December 23 6-7pm EST

To find the VERSUS channel for your cable provider, use this tool:

Versus channel finder

Poison Cues is the official cue of the Galveston World Classic.

Poison Cues is the official cue of the Galveston World Classic.

About Taylor Road Productions
Taylor Road Productions is the producer and promoter of the Galveston World Classic from September 11-20, 2009 at Moody Gardens in Galveston, TX. The Galveston World Classic features over $1,000,000 in prize money, will be streamed live online for free, and will be televised in dozens of countries.

The vision of the company is to produce pool and billiard events that promote the sport to a new level by large cash prizes, televised events and high profile events for all to experience. The company web site is The Galveston World Classic.

About The Predator Group
The Predator Group is makers of Predator and Poison Cues. Predator Cues has led the billiard industry’s technological evolution since Predator Cues inception in 1994. Predator Cues is committed to innovation and has created a legacy of high performance billiard products, all supported by scientific discovery and proven results. Greater accuracy, more consistency so you spend more time running out.