Galveston World Classic Moves Women's Tournament Dates Taylor Road Announces Date Change Taylor Road Productions is pleased to announce new dates for the Women's 9-Ball Open event. The previous dates conflicted with a Women's Professional Billiard Association tournament, the Colorado Classic, which is scheduled September 16-20, 2009. The new dates of the Women's 9-Ball Open at the Galveston World Classic are September 11-15, 2009. The change of dates for the tournament is due to the conflicting schedule with the WPBA. At the time of the Galveston World Classic tournament inception, the WPBA schedule was not released and Taylor Road Productions was unaware of the schedule conflict. With this change, the top players in women's billiards are capable of competing. [caption id="attachment_7201" align="alignright" width="412" caption="Fisher is just one of the WPBA stars that this rescheduling may be effect in a good way."]Fisher is just one of the WPBA stars that this rescheduling may be effect in a good way.[/caption] Bobby Rone of Taylor Road Productions said, "It is our intention to promote the sport in the best way possible. With us having no prior knowledge of the schedule conflict, we went forward with our event. As the late comer to promoting pool, we felt it was only fitting to make a change that was so easily done and benefited so many." Visit The Galveston World Classic for more information or to register to play in events. About Taylor Road Productions Taylor Road Productions is the producer and promoter of the Galveston World Classic. The vision of the company is to produce pool and billiard events that promote the sport to a new level by large cash prizes, televised events and high profile events for all to experience. The company web site is The World Classic.