Hillbilly Wins Carolina Open Billiards Event
Carolina Open / Goldsboro, NC

by Skip Maloney, InsidePOOL Staff

Bryant and Archer played until 5 am to see who was going to be crowned the champion at Fast Eddie's in Goldsboro, NC.

Bryant and Archer played until 5 am to see who was going to be crowned the champion at Fast Eddie's in Goldsboro, NC.

It was Johnny “The Scorpion” Archer looking to sting Charlie “Hillbilly” Bryant, complete with bibbed overalls, in the finals of the Carolina Open 10-Ball Tournament in the early hours of Monday, October 13. But in an epic battle to 15 that lasted until just after 5 a.m., Bryant came through to bring home the $5,000 first prize.

Earlier in the evening, Archer sent Keith Bennett west with an 11-4 victory, as Jason Klatt battled to a double-hill win over Brian White. Archer opened the hot seat match that followed with a slim lead at 3-1 but then surged ahead. At 7-2, Klatt moved into a two-to-one mode that saw him get within three at 9-6. Archer reached the hill at that point and in the final rack played a safety that set up a perfect 6-10 combination for himself. Klatt missed the kick at the 6 and conceded the match.

With the tournament down to four in each bracket, Bryant, who’d worked his way back through five opponents since a second-round defeat at the hands of Klatt, dropped Michael Fuller into a tie for seventh place, as Chris Bartram did likewise to Sam Monday. Bryant then faced Bennett, as Bartram took on White. Bryant advanced 11-2, as Bartram and White locked horns in a hill-hill match that advanced White against Bryant in the quarterfinal match. When Bryant finished with White 11-5, he turned his attention to Klatt, who’d sent him to the one-loss side eight matches ago. Vengeance was sweet and swift. Bryant was up 7-0 before Klatt won a game, and though he did manage to get three in before it was over, Bryant advanced to face Archer.

In a finals match that began at 12:50 EST, the two played slowly and deliberately through to a 3-3 tie before Bryant began to establish a rhythm that brought him out in front 8-3. Archer fought back and at 9-7, as the hour hand inched toward 4 a.m., a certain amount of irritability was on display as the two got involved in a dispute over whether the racked balls were being placed properly over the head spot. Play resumed and Archer got a step closer at 9-8.

Bryant won two in a row to make it 11-8 and Archer got one back. Bryant opened the gap to three again before Archer’s chance to make it 12-10 disappeared when he rattled a 7 ball into a corner pocket. Bryant cleaned up and it was 13-10 and then, “Hillbilly” was on the hill. Archer refused to go quietly and made it 14-11. Bryant was called on a shot clock foul and Archer closed out the rack to get back within two at 14-12, but Bryant took advantage of a combination in the next rack and it was over.

1st Charlie Bryant $5,000
2nd Johnny Archer $2,800
3rd Jason Klatt $1,500
4th Brian White $1,000
5/6th Keith Bennett $700
5/6th Chris Bartram
7/8th Mike Fuller $400
7/8th Sam Monday
9/12th Antonio Mendieta $250
9/12th Charlie Brinson
9/12th Manuel Chau
9/12th Mike Davis