Winners Down to 16 at Carolina Open 10-Ball
Carolina Open / Goldsboro, NC

by Skip Maloney, InsidePOOL Staff

Archer is making his presence felt at the Carolina Open hosted by Fast Eddie's in Goldsboro, NC.

Archer is making his presence felt at the Carolina Open hosted by Fast Eddie's in Goldsboro, NC.

At the close of business October 10, the Carolina Open 10-ball tournament had completed two rounds of play on the winners’ side, leaving 16 players unscathed. Among them were Johnny Archer, Manny Chau, Mike Davis, Sylver Ochoa, and Brandon Shuff. Also set to challenge in Saturday’s action were the finalists from the event’s one-pocket tournament, Tony Chohan and Sam Monday.

The event is being streamed live over the Internet, thanks to the services of Cue Sports Video of Marietta, GA, and its owner, Matt Highsmith. The streaming video is isolated to a single table and is accompanied by a chat box, which is allowing viewers from all across the country to not only watch but comment on the action as it’s happening. To join the proceedings, log on to and either register or join as a visitor.

Serious challenges to the winners were few and far between through the two rounds of play on the winners’ side. Only one match, which occurred in the opening round between Cary Dunn and Chris Bartram, went hill-hill and was won by Bartram. There was also only one match that ended in a shut-out, and it was recorded by Archer in the second round, welcoming 15-year-old Andrew Coley to the world of professional pool.

Archer, who won his opening round match 11-5 versus Delton Howard, will face Michael Fuller on Saturday, who advanced with victories over Doug Jones and Chris Adams. Mike Davis, with 11-3 and 11-4 wins in his pocket over Brad Shearer and Arnold Hamlett, respectively, will take on Scott Rabon. Rabon defeated Jeff Pruitt 11-7 in the opening round before facing Jeff Abernathy and defeating him by the same score.

Among the luminaries battling back from the one-loss side are Ronnie Wiseman, who, after falling to Wade Crane 11-9 in the opening round of play, finished Eric Durbin’s tournament with an 11-3 victory. Charlie Bryant opened his tournament with an 11-7 win over Sidney Champion but fell to Jason Klatt 11-5 in the second round. On his first one-loss side battle, Bryant advanced against Cary Dunn and is poised to take on Wiseman in action on Saturday.

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