Ouschan Overpowers Lee to Take Carolina Classic Title
WPBA Carolina Classic / Durham, NC

by InsidePOOL Staff

Ouschan commanded Lee and Villareal during her matches on Sunday at the WPBA Carolina Classic.

Ouschan commanded Lee and Villareal during her matches on Sunday at the WPBA Carolina Classic.

In a stunning near-wipeout final match, Jasmin Ouschan of Austria has taken first place at the WPBA Carolina Classic over Jeanette Lee. This marks only the second championship title Ouschan has taken on the WPBA, the first being the 2006 EnjoyPool.com 9-Ball Championships in Las Vegas, NV.

Though Ouschan missed the 3 ball in the first game, she didn’t leave any easy options for Lee, who left Ouschan the opportunity to clear the table for the first point. Lee then came up empty on her break, and Ouschan carefully picked her way through to go up 2-0. A safety battle in the next game saw Ouschan again triumphing.

A rare missed jump shot by Ouschan gave Lee the chance to run the final few balls and get on the board 3-1, but her momentum was soon stumped by Ouschan, who broke and ran the next rack. Another dry break by Lee saw Ouschan return to the table in the sixth rack, but she missed the 3 ball. Lee, though, missed the 6 ball, as did Ouschan in her next inning. Left with a thin cut on the 6, Lee missed again, and Ouschan cleared the table to go up 5-1. The missed 6 ball apparently rattled Lee badly, for Ouschan was able to take control of the table in the next two games to win the title and tournament 7-1.

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1st Jasmin Ouschan
2nd Jeanette Lee
3rd Line Kjorsvik
Vivian Villareal
5-8th Karen Corr
Allison Fisher
Helena Thornfeldt
Xiaoting Pan
9-16th Kelly Fisher
Gerda Hofstatter
Sarah Rousey
Ga Young Kim
Anna Kostanian
Kyoko Sone
Dawn Hopkins
Miyuki Sakai
17-24th Jennifer Chen
Melissa Little
Tiffany Nelson
Melissa Herndon
Maureen Seto
Brittany Bryant
Monica Webb
Belinda Calhoun