Three Billiard Winners at Nebraska Invitational
Pechauer All-American Tour / Bellevue, NE

by InsidePOOL Staff
Three stops of Pechauer All-American Tour were hosted by Fort Crook Billiards in Bellevue, NE, the weekend of January 18-20, entitled the “Nebraska State Invitational.” The $900-added event drew 22 men in the 9-ball, 14 in the men’s 8-balla, and 6 in the women’s 8-ball, each division competing in a double-elimination format on 7-foot bar boxes.
In the 9-ball division Brad Florian ran undefeated to the finals. In the hot seat match, Florian bested Dustin Gunia. Earlier, in the A-bracket semifinals, Florian turned back Pedro Castro, while Gunia defeated Larry Walker. In the B-side quarterfinals Walker eliminated Jamie Kobylasz, and Castro ousted Zack Willis. In the semifinals, Walker ended Castro’s run at fourth place, and Gunia then ended Walker’s day at third. The finals featured once-defeated Gunia versus undefeated Florian, with Gunia having to win two sets to claim the title. Gunia was able for the challenge, and he won both sets to claim the event championship.

The women’s 8-ball division witnessed Becky Anderson marching to the hot seat with a win over Clare Marsh in the A-side finals. In the previous A-side round, Anderson defeated Jill Nagel, while Marsh outpointed Dot Cyr. In the B-side quarterfinals, Amy Hughes eliminated Dot Cyr, and Jill Nagel ousted Teresa Krumm. Hughes then knocked Nagel into fourth place. In the B-side finals Marsh ended Hughes’ run. The title match went to one set, as Anderson took out Marsh in the first set for the event title.

The men’s 8-ball division saw Pedro Castro march to the hot seat with a win over Noe Solis in the A-side finals. In the previous A-side round, Castro defeated Dustin Gunia, while Solis out-stroked Zack Willis. In the B-side quarterfinals, Willis eliminated Mel Marsh, and Gunia ousted Luke Westcott. Willis then knocked Gunia into fourth place. In the B-side finals Willis ended Solis’ run. The title match went two sets, as once-defeated Willis took out undefeated Castro in both sets for the event title.
9-Ball Results:
1st Dustin Gunia
2nd Brad Florian
3rd Larry Walker
4th Pedro Castro
5th Jamie Kobylasz
Zack Willis

Men’s 8-Ball Results:
1st Zack Willis
2nd Pedro Castro
3rd Noe Solis
4th Dustin Gunia
5th Mel Marsh
Luke Westcott

Women’s 8-Ball Results:
1st Becky Anderson
2nd Clare Marsh
3rd Amy Hughes
4th Jill Nagel
5th Dot Cyr
Teresa Krumm