Dr. J.R. Calvert

Publisher and InsidePOOL Magazine Founder

Dr. J.R. Calvert (Ph.D.), entrepreneur, inventor, publisher, photographer, and author started playing pool at the age of 15. He also started to attend college at this time. With hard work and practice, he quickly honed his game, rising to the top of the local ranks in Pittsburgh, PA, almost overnight. Then, as fast as he had appeared, he quit the game of pool to move his college career to the next level to attend the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Engineering. Several years passed before he was persuaded to play the university tournament by a friend. Calvert won the event and finished as runner-up in the ACU-I National Tournament. Soon afterwards, JR received an invitation to join the Professional Billiards Tour and joined without hesitation. After receiving his numerous advanced degrees from college (including MBA), he set his sights o­n the Pro Billiards Tour. Within o­ne season, Calvert earned the distinguished rank of Touring Pro, in which o­nly a handful of other players laid claim. Calvert won numerous regional events throughout his career but failed to earn that honor on the top professional level until in 1996, Calvert won the World Trick Shot Championship and the U.S. Open Trick Shot Championship in Chesapeake, VA.

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In 1989, JR turned his attention to attention to cuemaking by joining efforts with Paul Mottey.  Calvert earned his degrees in the late 80’s and early 90’s but was always interested in billiards. His attention quickly moved to playing professionally.  Calvert is unofficially credited with creating the technology behind Predator Cues during a lunch with founder, Alan McCarty, when he drew the design on a napkin after McCarty posed the problem to Calvert to solve. While at university, Calvert was also unofficially credited with developing technology that would spawn the cell phone industry and help computers make a huge leap forward by decreasing their size and increasing their speeds.

His skills, dedication and professionalism landed him a sponsorship deals, most notably with Falcon cues, Ltd. where he acted as the U.S. Distributor for the fledgling company. To market Falcon Cues, Ltd. and his new software company, Definitive Synergy, Calvert tried his hand at writing instruction. He syndicated instructions columns that he would take payment in the form of advertising with about a dozen magazines. After a few magazines failed that he was contributing to, Calvert decided to start his own magazine, InsidePOOL Magazine, in September of 2001. He stays dedicated to creating the best magazine that pool and billiards has to offer while having a daily hand in running his software company.

Inside POOL Magazine has become the hottest selling magazine while leading the billiards industry in print and online with almost 800,000 subscribers between online and print editions. Recently, Inside POOL Magazine started creating a video version of the popular print and online magazine. The videocasts are syndicated to thousands of online locations and the episodes have quickly become among the most viewed billiards videos. The hard work paid off as Inside POOL Magazine received one of the first Partner Channels at Youtube.com in May 2008.  Inside POOL TV would eventually start live streaming content and quickly became the most watched live stream in billiards history with million of viewers.  The catalog of videos created by Inside POOL TV eventually would be used as the ground work for The Billiards Channel powered by InsidePOOL TV.

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