Wipper Whips it Up

Tiger Canadian Women’s Pool Tour / Quebec, ON
by InsidePOOL Staff
Susan Wipper took the third event of the Tiger Canadian Women’s Pool Tour this season, winning over Veronique Menard in the finals. This stop was hosted by LeSkratch Billiards in Brossard the weekend of May 3-4 and attracted 22 women to compete for the WPBA qualifier spot.
Some of the favorites were sent packing early, leaving the outcome up to new future players Sunday. On the A-side in the final four, Marina Linguerri did not bring her A game, and Wipper sent her to the west side of the chart. In the semifinals, Linguerri faced off with local favorite Menard, who was on a mission during this match and ousted Linguerri in third place.
In the finals, Menard had to defeat Wipper two sets of races to 7. Both women had excellent run-outs, and in the first set, Menard made some great kick shots as well. With Menard winning the first set 7-4, and second set began.
Both ladies battled it out, knotting the score at 4 apiece until Wipper broke the chain and won two more racks to reach the hill. Feeling the pressure, Menard brought the score to double-hill. In the final rack, the match came down to the last four balls, and Menard had a miss on the 6 ball, giving Wipper the match.
1st Susan Wipper
2nd Veronique Menard
3rd Marina Linguerri
4th Janet Ritchey
5th Leanne Amable
Christine Gauthier