Atwell Takes Come-From-Behind Victory

Pechauer All-American Tour / Portland, OR
by Skip Maloney
Down 5-1 early in the final match against hot seat occupant Dan Louie, Glen Atwell came back to win the final 6 games to capture the $1,500-added Pechauer All-American Tour stop in Portland, OR, at the Nite Hawk. The event drew 48 players the weekend of April 12-13.
Louie easily captured the hot seat by defeating Damien Rebman 9-3, while Atwell started the tournament’s final day on the one-loss side of the bracket with a 9-0 shut-out victory over Jeff Heath. He went on to best Jessie Allred 9-7 and then deposited Bob Zack into a fifth-place tie with a 9-6 win. Now in full stride, Atwell advanced to the quarterfinals and played a close match with Allan Hanson, winning 9-7. In the semifinals Atwell took a 9-5 victory over Rebman. The final match was a close one at first, but when the score was knotted at 5 apiece, Louie took a 7-5 lead before Atwell settled in to capture the last 6 games for the victory.
1st Glen Atwell
2nd Dan Louie
3rd Damien Rebman
4th Allan Hanson
5th Bob Zack
Bob Olsen
7th Gary Crane
Jessie Allred
9th Kenny Dodd
Steve Lingelbach
Stan Tourangeau
Jeff Heath