Chen in Command at Billiard Tour Stop

Fast Eddie’s Olhausen 9-Ball Tour / Lubbock, TX
by Skip Maloney
Born in Taiwan, Jui Lung Chen may still be learning how to speak English, but he showed a field of 30 at Fast Eddie’s in Lubbock, TX, that he knew how to use english at a pool table. He knocked Gordon Van Der Veer over to the one-loss bracket with a 9-4 win early on the final day and then defeated him again in the final match 9-6 to capture the first-place prize on the Fast Eddie’s Olhausen 9-Ball Tour stop April 12-13.
As Chen was busy defeating Van Der Veer the first time Sunday, Robert Newkirk was sending Eric Aicimena to the one-loss side with a 9-5 win. Chen then bested Newkirk 9-5 to capture the hot seat. On the west side of the chart, Van Der Veer was staging a comeback and moved into the quarterfinal match against Pat Soto, whom he handily defeated 7-2. Newkirk, fresh off his loss to Chen, was all too willing to put up a fight against Van Der Veer in the semis but came out on the wrong end of a hill-hill battle. In the seesaw final match that saw Van Der Veer reach a 6-5 lead, Chen finally took command, winning the final four games and the top spot in the event.
1st Jui Lung Chen
2nd Gordon Van Der Veer
3rd Robert Newkirk
4th Pat Soto
5th Tommy Tokoph
Eric Aicemena
7th Jason Ussery
Robert Steuart