Viking Cues Photo Caption Winner for January

Congratulations to Phil Hanfland of IL for submitting the winning entry in the Viking Pool Cues Photo Caption Contest for the month of January.
Phil has won a Viking Pool Cue that has a retail value of $300-400 and a one year subscription to Inside POOL Magazine.
The winning caption was, Must… defuse…. Okay, the bomb disposal team said green is USUALLY ground, so if I cut the red wire– no, wait!– the BLUE wire. Steady now….
Inside POOL Magazine and host the Viking Cues Photo Caption Contest every issue.
The winners are announced on at the beginning of the month and in the photo caption section of Inside POOL Magazine.
This month features a photo of a Tony Drago pretending to be spiking a cue ball at a recent pool tournament. Visitors can submit entries via email by going to the Photo Caption contest page.