Danny “Kid Delicious” Basavich

Danny “Kid Delicious” Basavich has been playing professionally o­nly for a few years. In that short time he has made a name for himself by winning tournaments and heads-up matches. His nickname came from o­ne of these heads-up matches when he played a player nicknamed “Kid Viscious”, where after defeating his opponent o­ne spectator commented, “If his name is Kid Viscious, your name should be Kid Delicious.” Well the name stuck and Danny became the player with the cool nickname that had the game to back it up. He won the Reno Open in December of 2004 and has his eyes o­n more tournaments. He has released a DVD lesson set and a traing cue ball to help others play the game. Danny has recently acquired Pittsburgh Steel as o­ne of his major sponsors. Danny also has a soft side. He donates a portion of his winnings to charity.

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