Billiards Star Sarah Ellerby Announces Chat Session Time
Sarah Ellerby and have announced a date and time for the second Sarah Ellerby chat session to be conducted by Sarah at the forums. The official start time of the chat will 9 PM EST on February 5, 2008. Sarah will be fielding questions, offering advice, and discussing topics relating to pool and billiards with forums users.
To chat with Sarah Ellerby, simply register for a free account at forum and log in at the scheduled time. Sarah will also be providing content for a Q A section at which will kick off in the near future. Sarah alos hosts her own forum at and visitors can discuss topics with Sarah throughout the year.
Visit the Sarah Ellerby forum (/forums/sarah-ellerby/)
Visit the Sarah Ellerby photo gallery (/gallery2/v/Pool+Players/sarah_ellerby/)