Jeanette LeeVisit the Jeanette Lee image gallery (/gallery2/v/Pool+Players/Jeanette+Lee/) Probably the most famous female pool player today, Jeanette “The Black Widow” Lee was born July 9 in Brooklyn, NY, and now resides in Indianapolis, IN. Lee turned pro in 1993 and has since acquired many titles to add to her resume, including 2003 Tournament of Champions, 17 Women’s Professional Billiard Association (WPBA) titles, gold medalist at 2001 World Games, and she is also a former Player of the Year.Diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 13, Lee had a steel rod implanted in her spine to alleviate the pain. She serves as National Spokesperson for Scoliosis Association, Inc. Lee also is a trustee for the Women’s Sports Foundation and works diligently to raise money for various charities.Her sponsors include Mosconi Billiards, CFR Productions,, Black Widow Billiards, and 2Thumbz. To learn more about “The Black Widow,” visit

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