Jeremy JonesWhile in high school and working at a pizzeria delivering pizzas in Baytown, TX, a friend and co-worker introduced Jeremy to the game of pool. Then at 17, he became so fascinated with pool that he began working at a local poolroom to have non-stop access to the game.Later, Jeremy began playing in leagues and local tournaments. To help his game prosper, he decided to go o­n the road in search of action. When he returned home to Texas, Jeremy found himself immediately in the poolroom practicing cheap with the great Jack Jersey Red Breit. If there is anyone I could call a mentor, it would be Jersey Red, Jones said. He helped me turn the corner. While o­n the road traveling across the country, Jeremy met and became friends with several professional players. As his game improved, Johnny Archer encouraged Jeremy to strengthen his game by playing in pro events. Johnny simply said to me, ‘If you want to improve your game, you have to play with the best players in the world,’ Jones said. It made easy sense.

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