Sarah EllerbyWith an older brother a snooker player, there was no escape for Sarah “Velvet” Ellerby. Though he would defeat her every time they played, she refused to give up, gradually honing her game.Ellerby grew up in Pickering, North Yorkshire, on a farm. Her nickname reflects her equestrian background. But she continued with her pool career, taking a major championship title at 14. She ended up winning over 100 major titles.After a stint working for Her Majesty’s Prison Service, Ellerby decided to see how far she could get in the U.S. ranks by playing 9-ball. Once she mastered the strategy, she did well, despite some tough early draws. Her breakout event was when she took fifth place at the San Diego Classic, only losing to Karen Corr and and Jeanette Lee.Born February 24, Ellerby lists as her charity. Visit her website at

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