Jay Swanson Memorial Tournament Down to Final 64
by Inside Pool
The annual illustrious Jay Swanson Memorial Tournament kicked off February 9 with 181 entrants from all over America, including the Player of the Decade for 1990, Johnny Archer; Ernesto and Oscar Dominguez; Max Eberle; Tang Hoa; and Scott Frost. Hosted by Hollywood Billiards in Hollywood, CA, this coveted event boasted a $13,620 prize fund.
The format for this memorial tournament is winner breaks, rack your own, a race to 8 games.
Top players George Michaels, Scott Frost, Ernesto Dominguez, Brian Parks, Max Eberle, Dave Hemmah, Bernardo “King Kong” Chavez, and Oscar Dominguez remain undefeated going into Sunday’s rounds, which will bring back the last 64 standing.
For the women who braved this event, Melissa Little, Anna Kostanian, and Stacey Hurst of Orange County remain standing. Earlier Hurst defeated Randy Thompson, Wayne Boomer, and Tom Keller.
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